Community Reintegration Support

Community reintegration services specifically focus on assisting client’s with maintaining structure and routine while engaging in their normal activities of daily living. Services are provided at home, within educational and workplace facilities, as well as the community at large and are available 24 hours/day.

All programming is developed in consultation with the treatment team members. Associates provide non-intrusive behavioural modelling techniques to assist clients with successfully participating in meaningful activities, with limited behavioural and safety stressors.

Ongoing social skill development and judgment safety training is provided on a daily basis, as a large percentage of our clients display vulnerable profiles and are susceptible to engaging in high risk safety situations.

Educational and vocational support is provided to clients of all ages. Within these settings, associates act as learning assistants and use executive functioning strategies to assist clients with completing work assignments and meeting timelines. Recognizing confidentiality issues, services are implemented in a smooth and natural fashion and to the satisfaction of the client.

Parental support is provided on an ongoing basis, in which associates keep parents and loved ones informed of basic behaviour intervention principles, client progress, as well as the day to day modifications that might further assist with maintaining a calm and constructive home environment.

Associates attend all program planning meetings to provide health professionals with relevant progress reports and to consult about future client care goals.